What is in the works…..

So, on this wet Saturday evening, I am working on the next few events – “What, do share!”…..mmm, I can share a wee bit……

Next week, I fly to Seattle to once again join those who make the Creation Music Festival a success! I absolutely love working at this festival. Those I work with, from the staging crew, sound and lights, hospitality, artists and the management, make this an enjoyable weekend. Going back every year is like a family reunion! The Creation Music Festival is a great family event. It is located at the King County Fair Grounds in Enumclaw, Washington. http://www.creationfest.com/nw

A few of my friends have moved on to other careers so, this year will take a on new flavour – will be good nonetheless, but, I will miss them dearly. While I am working at the music festival, some of those fine gentlemen will be working on a festival of their own…..

If you are in the Toronto Area – I do suggest you check out the Boots and Hearts Festival August 10-12. They have an AMAZING line-up. This group of very talented business men have created a stellar weekend! http://www.bootsandhearts.com.

Upon my return, I look forward to partnering up with a lovely lady and her new business, together, we are looking forward to a marketing evening – be sure to check in to find out more…..

The fall has some great opportunities – I look forward to sharing those ideas with you soon!!!

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